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    Our complete EMDR kit allows you to benefit from a complete therapy as soon as you receive it. It includes:one EMDR lightbar 39-inch multi-function . a remote control for adjusting brightness, speed and colour two tappers vibrating synchronously (hand buzzers) one storage caseThe equipment on offer is high quality,durable and simple to use.

    £ 409.90
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    Our EMDR light bar is designed to provide a high-quality experience for people using the EMDR method.

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    Our remote control is the essential accessory for your light bar: it lets you synchronise the light and buzzers, as well as adjusting the speed, brightness and colour to tailor the therapy perfectly to your needs.

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    Synchronised with the multi-function remote control, the buzzers (or tappers) will enable you to benefit from a more complete and effective therapy by combining eye movements with the sense of touch thanks to bilateral vibrations.

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About EMDR-Store.co.uk...

High-quality EMDR equipment for professionals

The EMDR method has been very popular for several years now, with countless articles praising the merits of bilateral stimulation therapy. The quality and quantity of training courses have also increased, as has demand from trauma sufferers.

However, the equipment needed to carry out EMDR therapies remains particularly hard to find. Often very expensive, its quality is sometimes uncertain and choices are limited for those seeking it. This is the background to EMDR-Store.co.uk.

In our store you'll find top-quality EMDR equipment, created by professionals with validated quality and functionality (NCBI). Our EMDR accessories and equipment are designed for rigorous people and have been carefully selected to meet their expectations, all at the best price.